Let’s Hear It For The Boy…

Great list of monthly gift subscriptions just for the guys! Perfect for Father's day! Maybe he’s no Romeo…but he’s my loving one-man show….whooa, whoa, whoa-oooooh….Let’s hear it for the boy…”

Just like a scene from Footloose, ANY time I hear that song I find myself tapping my fingers, moving my foot to the beat, maybe swaying my hips or even pulling the extreme with a full on Risky Business hall way dance. That song is contagious!

With Father’s Day coming (June 16th) I decided to gather a list (surprised?) of all the monthly subscriptions that are just for the guys. Remember to check out the lists for gift subscriptions for kids here and for the mommas here.

This is perfect for the man who considers himself a foodie! Man + pantry = Mantry. A company that connects men to award winning, hand crafted foods and drinks from all over America. Each order arrives in this cute, ahem manly crate that I’m sure every wife could repurpose for a “cute” DIY project. Subscriptions start at $75 a month. Bourbon pecan butter….bacon caramel corn…Mmmmmmm. They are also running a special that if you order a subscription (1, 3 or 6 months) before June 9th your husband or dad will receive their first subscription by father’s day!

Dollar Shave Club
This company had me with their opening video…hilarious! We got hooked on the brand Mach 3 razors and they are ridiculously expensive. Depending on the subscription ($1, $6 or $9 a month) you receive 4-5 cartridges per month. Of course the blades with the dollar package are basic compared to the $9 package with more blades per razor. My brother-in-law subscribes and raves about it. Believe it or not for the cheap price you are receiving high quality razors, not the cheap plastic disposable ones that actually cost more than these. Your man will get a great shave at a fraction of the cost!

Put This On…
This is a great blog that shows your man how to dress like a grownup gentleman! With introductions to high fashion, tips on how to wear a pocket square and where to buy items at a discount, this is a website perfect for dropping a small hint on updating his college cargo shorts! The site launched two different subscriptions, a pocket square option or a subscription to a weekly newsletter (only $1!) with more tips, videos and insider information on private sales on favorite items. subscriptionsmenbirchbox

Birchbox Men
Have a guy who’s considered metrosexual? Or a “manly” guy who just likes quality products? Birchbox is not just for the ladies and this subscription will send samples of grooming and lifestyle products to keep your guy smelling, looking and feeling good! For only $20 a month this is perfect for that metrosexual or “manly” dude. This subscription is perfect for those guys that are just too shy to enter Sephora or Ultra too! If they like what they get in their box they can shop for the products on their website.

Men typically hate to shop, so make your shopping list smaller by gifting this subscription of “manly” goods like socks, underwear, razors and even condoms.  Your guy picks out what items he likes, his goods are delivered and then in 3 months he will receive another shipment. Their orders can be modified, rushed and delayed which is a sweet factor.

And there is no need to explain the following clubs….

Monthly BEER club
Hot Sauce of the month
Scotch of the month
Necktie of the month

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  1. Bob Dickson commented:
    May 29, 2013 Reply

    Two little known facts about Lily. She is the granddaughter of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. There would be 28 generations between Lily and Robert the Bruce. If you do not know who Robert the Bruce is watch the movie Braveheart starring Mel Gibson. Robert the Bruce became King of Scotland when William Wallace was leading the revolution against England for Scotland’s freedom.

    Also Robert Fulton, the inventor of steamship in the United States, who was from Pennsylvania, is the great, great, great, great, great, great uncle of Lily. Lily’s father and his family are from Pennsylvania and his great grandmother’s family name was Fulton.

  2. Emily Ley commented:
    June 2, 2013 Reply

    This is SO GREAT!!! I just ordered Bryan and my Dad a box from Mantry bc of this post!!! You’re my lifesaver! Yay father’s day! xoxo Em

    • Amy Romano commented:
      June 3, 2013 Reply

      I WISH Mike had an appreciation for quality food because I would have purchased the Mantry too!! I’m still at the drawing board…

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