The Finger

thefingertitleThis Thursday can’t get here quick enough. Two more days until we get the stitches removed and ‘the finger’ (aka boo-boo) turns back into a regular working digit.

I was too stressed over the whole heartbreaking emergency room visit to really grasp the no baths or pool time orders from the doctor until the next day. There is no real easy way to keep a toddler’s finger bandaged and wrapped in a metal splint…and that hit me the first morning when I heard her whimpering in her crib. When I walked in I saw the entire bandage and splint laying on the floor outside of her crib and Lily had her hand held above her head with fingers fully spread. She wasn’t whimpering she was freaking out over the laced up finger. It was pretty scary looking. She attempted to take it off 3 more times that day and the last time had me in tears while I stood in line at the grocery store.

The next day I went to the store for new bandage tape and a smaller splint. The new metal was the perfect size and would allow Lily to move her finger and hand more easily….which helped take her mind off removing it!

The timing of this third visit to the ER in 7 months (oh yes I thought child services would pop in for a visit!) was perfect because my in-laws were visiting one day later. The first few days of stitches on a little one are the most important because they are more susceptible to germs and infections. So my plans for taking Lily with her Gram and Pap to Bush Gardens or even in our pool were of course scratched. So we spent majority of the time inside.

thefingerpapShe had plenty of sweet bonding time with her Pap over their shared love of technology.

thefingeripadStory time was an easy task with the finger, but it was the iPad for the win.

thefingerbeanbagsAnd I broke out a new toy, multi-colored bean bags, to help keep Lily (and all the adults) from going stir crazy.

thefingerunderwearAnd yes we had to tuck in the dress to prevent any tripping….anything to protect the finger.

It is SO true that you can take life’s easiest task for granted and I can link that proverb to the finger. Imagine trying to keep the finger clean and dry during three meals. I posted a picture on Instagram (I’m @lilyandbliss) where I pulled a McGyver with tape and plastic wrap to keep the finger clean during dinner. Getting splashed was really the only snag with bath time. No baths with the finger. Lily gets to use our shower and getting splashed is an understatement. Before we can even get into the shower we place her entire hand in a plastic bag and wrap it with loads of tape to prevent the finger from getting wet. Before the finger I could take Lily in the backyard for playtime. No way can I do that with her obsession with digging in dirt! So we have two more days left of the finger before we can go back to normal toddler life. BUT seeing how our last seven months have gone…a double ear infection from our first bath post-the finger is predictable.

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    May 8, 2013 Reply

    Hi, Amy! Im just catching up on reading your blog. I’ve been so out of the loop… glad to keep up with you on Instagram though. Wow, you’ve had it rough with the ER visits, huh? I’m so sorry. Poor Lily. I enjoyed your Disney posts. So fun that you live so close! Have a great week!

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