Backyard BBQ Party: part 2

I’m back with part 2 of Lily backyard BBQ party celebrating her second birthday!

twochalkboardLast year I created “A Year of Firsts” chalkboard for her first birthday and it seemed to be a huge hit all over Pinterest. I used the idea again, but created “Another Year of Memories”. There are so many firsts that she encountered over the last year but many of our favorite memories were “repeats”! So to make it easier I just printed all the photos from the last year and taped them up on the same chalkboard (that I created here). I used a chalk pen to label a few of the pictures like “first walk”, first haircut”, “Disney World” and “1…2….3 ER visits”!

twoblockplayareaThe DIY fabric garland that hung on the chalkboard collage also draped my mom’s TV area where we had plenty of toys for the toddlers to play with (including some toys from my childhood!). I love some of these sweet photos I got of Lily and her buddies, Beckett & Brady. These kids are just so adorable!

twofavorsI also used the fabric garland and a vintage box to display the favors. The kids took home tiny 4 oz mason jars that were filled with homemade gak. What is gak (aka flubber)? Its the concoction of Elmer’s glue and Borax that creates a squishy & slimy substance that kids love to play with(read about the favors here). Some of the fabric from the garland was used for toppers on the mason jars. I used more of the DIY chalkboard tags to label gifts for two babies that went home with age appropriate toys. The 9 month old would attempt to eat the gak and I’m sure the 4 month old wouldn’t even think to grab it!

Now for all the backyard fun! Toddlers can be fickle so I made sure there was plenty of fun activities that would keep the kids busy. We had two tiny picnic tables that had red gingham tablecloths for the kids to eat on. The tables were placed in the grass for easier clean up and for a close place to sit while snacking in between all the fun activities.

So many ideas for a backyard party for toddlers. Outdoor chalkboard...blown up pool with pool noodles and sprinklers!The Little Tykes Beach Ball sprinkler (found at Walmart) had spray heads on all sides of the ball for endless fun! A blown up child pool sat underneath a beach tent to give some shade. I filled the pool with water, two noodles that I cut in half (to create more toys!) a beach ball and some other pool balls that were a buck at Target. On my mom’s porch I had my DIY outdoor chalkboard for a little creativity play.

waterblob1But it seems that the water blob was a huge hit with the kids. I found this idea via Pinterest (like all things) and can’t believe how easy is was to make and how much fun the kids had with it! I picked up the plastic sheeting from Lowe’s (around $8) and some duct tape from Target. Make sure you get the plastic sheeting that is 4 mil thick. I bought the 2 mil and there was one tear in the plastic during the party, but I just use some duct tape to cove the hole and it worked! Take the plastic sheeting and fold it over. Take the duct tape and seal the three sides leaving a small opening to fill with water. I did insert some fun foam shapes I had from Target. You can read a tutorial from Clumsy Crafter where I got the idea from! On the day of Lily’s party Mike filled the plastic with water from a hose and then taped the hole up. The kids had a blast running and jumping on the blob. Lily enjoyed laying down on it as if it was a water bed. I have plenty of the plastic leftover so I plan on making this again during the summer.

twowaterblob We had a bucket full of towels outside and another bucket that hung from a shepards hook filled with SPF and bugs spray (thank goodness we had no rain or mosquitoes!). I thought having these outside would make it easier on us mommas so we didn’t have to keep lugging the diaper bags all around the party! I also made sure I had some extra swimming diapers on hand in case anyone ran out.

Having a party outside? Think about providing guests with SPF & bug spray just in case they forgot theirs. You can place them in a metal buckets and hang it from a shepards hook!Having a pool or sprinkler party for toddlers? Provide a bucket with some extra towels just in case guests forgot theirs!Our family had such a wonderful time celebrating our sweet Lily with dear friends. The kids seemed to have a blast…

twoendpool…and Lily ended the party the way she came into the world….naked (minus the pigtails & bows!). Stay tuned this week for some of the DIY projects from this party!


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  1. Emily Ley commented:
    June 26, 2013 Reply

    HAHAHAH!! I love these photos! Especially the last one!! Love you friend! xo

  2. kelsey commented:
    June 26, 2013 Reply

    bwahahaha That last photo of Lily is awesome! The look on her face… oh man! Pretty sure I almost just woke up G with my loud burst of laughter. Too funny!!

    This was such a fun party for the kiddos… I mean the photos say it all, it was a great party for the kids!

    I can’t wait to prep for Gs party (parties?) in August! So fun!!

  3. mckay commented:
    July 1, 2013 Reply

    love all the pictures and details! still so sad I wasn’t there.

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