Friday Link Love: vol. 5

linklove8 more days until Lily turns TWO! Sniff sniff…while I craft away on her party décor enjoy some Friday links!

I’ve got some funny links, but I found this one so interesting. What do these places have in common….16-th century Italian village, an American train station in Detroit from the builders of the famous Grand Central and a theme park in Japan? They are abandoned monuments that are beautiful and have remarkable stories. Read here.

board with that one serious link?         okay okay…

Pictures of kids caught in the act of something bad make me giggle….if it’s my kid that laughing comes about a day later. Catching kids in funny napping situations always give me a chuckle as well…that’s why I love checking out Naps Happen for some hilarious photos. Here are some good ones: Black swan dive, papasan pretzel, in a dresser drawer and my favorite one…two out of three sleeping.

Hi my name is Amy and I’m a reality tv fan. Yep I sadly have to admit I’m hooked on the sad limo exits, Big Brother drama and all seasons of the housewives (but the crazy Jersey women are my favs). So when I saw this clip of two women on LIVE tv get catty I loved it. It seems that the news anchor and the weather lady have a long lasting feud that starts to show on live tv…now why can’t that happen with the Tampa news? Watch here.

Lily likes the show Calliou (on Sprout) and I LOATH that show. Of course I could just not turn it on, but it is the one show that she will watch and neatly eat every bite of her lunch…and that is without flinging a nugget to the dog, aiming and spitting a blueberry at the kitchen table and waving a yogurt stick all around spraying the blinds, window and wall. SO I will take 20 minutes of that whining Calliou for a full stomach for Lily (means a better nap!) and a clean kitchen. Calliou annoyance is one of those common bonds moms have like lack of sleep and the ability to pee when you laugh or sneeze. So when Where’s the F#*cking Mommy Manual came up with a hysterical list of annoying kid shows and Calliou topped it…I raised my beer (don’t worry Lily was asleep) and said AMEN. Check out the list here.

and some lovely pictures of a recent yogurt showdown…(and the finger is making another appearance)linkloveyogurt

linkyogurtwindowHappy Friday y’all and enjoy the weekend…


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  1. June 14, 2013 Reply

    Aw, what a great Friday surprise! Thanks so much for the shout out. Love your blog.

    • Amy Romano commented:
      June 15, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Alicia! I’m obviously I fan of yours 😉

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