Hilarious Father’s Day Gifts

One of the things I love most about Mike is his ability to make me laugh during any situation. It’s hard to stay mad at the guy when he is giving me some goofy smile, silly white-boy dance moves and histerically laughing. Matter of fact that’s how most of our arguments end when he’s in the wrong (and that’s 90% of the time wink wink)! So with his love of laughter my husband and my baby’s daddy would appreciate the humor in these wacky father’s day gifts.

Some HILARIOUS father's day gifts for the guy who likes to laugh! There's a putting green for those long potty breaks or how about a pager for your lost beer that signals by a burping sound....can't believe these things are real!1. The Go Plate
This is perfect for couch time watching the Steelers, The Masters or during tailgating. The plate fits over the beer with separate areas for bbq, sides or chip & dip. Find them here or here.

2. Potty Putter
I don’t think women will ever understand why men take forever going #2. Mike often takes his iPad with him, so I instead of playing words with friends he can practice his putting with the Potty Putter! Found here.

3. The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook – Man Skills
Mike has these super manly dreams…I’m talking about ninja fights with him versus 50 guys. So when I read that one of the man skills was how to wrestle an alligator I cracked up. Don’t worry ladies inside there are real life scenarios like how to deal with a crying baby!  Find the book here.

4. Nose Soap Dispenser
This is just gross. As a mom currently dealing with a toddler with a runny nose from teething, this would be the last thing I would want to see in the shower….one of the last places I have to myself!

5. The Beer Pager
This is so silly, but seriously people misplace their drinks pretty frequently! Press the keychain for this drink holder and you will find the location of your lost brew when the holder flashed lights and makes a burping sound…yes a burping sound.

6. Subtle Butt
Subtle Butt is a disposable fart filter. Yes…you read that correctly…fart filter. Attach the pads to the underwear and any smelly flatulence will allegedly neutralize it.

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