Is She Really Almost 2?

almosttwoTwo years ago today I was on the verge of a meltdown…I had been told that my induction was being pushed back due to the overwhelming number of women in labor. I was miserable, swollen, a week past due, tired and beyond the word ‘fat’.

Thank goodness I had the best doctor (Dr. Jill Botehlo) on call and worked to get me in later that day! With a rough pregnancy my labor and delivery was anything but easy and glamorous. I envy those moms with perfect curls, mascara and an un-swollen face, arms and hands. I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open for the birth pictures. I was a hot mess y’all. But a blessed hot mess!

Before we put Lily to bed last night I cradled her in my lap and told her that two years ago she was still in my tummy. Lily sweetly started to pull up my shirt puzzled. In truth I am still puzzled myself.

It amazes me that I grew a human inside of my belly.

That baby learned to sit up, army crawl (then crawl) pull herself up and walk in a year (well 13 ½ months).

She has hair down to the middle of her back!

She can say words! And she is smart enough to know how to push my buttons and twist her Dada perfectly around her finger and sweet smile with a simple hug and kiss.

It is amazing. God is good. Life is good. Tantrums and all! So as I whip through the day prepping for Lily’s birthday tomorrow I leave you will some pictures and some of the posts from her birth! (photos from the lovely Kimberly Photography!)


My nerves were through the roof the night before the birth…read about that here


Two epidurals people! It was a crazy birth…read that here


And a year ago we shared her first birthday here and here!


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  1. Erin commented:
    July 15, 2013 Reply

    AAAhhhh my goodness. I’ve just been block stalking you (for last minute planning of Kate’s 1st Birthday party – I’m so behind -) & am getting BEYOND emotional here at my desk!!! LOVE Lily’s birthday parties (1 &2) and all of these great photos.

    p.s. i get those babycenter emails too & now i’m cringing, waiting for it to change to toddler, at least now you’ve prepared me!! 🙁

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