Simple Summer Moments

simplesummermomentsExperiencing childhood all over again through your child’s eyes is pure simple bliss…

Of course it’s easy to sit back and drum up memories of summertime as a child. I can easily recall the smell of fresh cut grass, the distinct plastic smell from the slip-n-slide and the gum flavored popsicle shaped like a baseball glove. I can still hear the loud buzz of the cicadas that pierce the southern sky and damp red dirt roads after an afternoon shower from our family visits to Georgia & Tennessee. I can recall coming in for dinner and crying at the table because the thick blades of grass in Coral Springs sliced my feet, legs, arms and hands. My mom would pop open a small metal She-Ra tray and I would eat dessert on the edge of the linoleum (I wasn’t allowed to eat on the carpet) as I watched tv….I can still hear the old school ABC World News Tonight theme song…DaDa Da Duuummm (hear it here)…and cheers for President Reagan as the walls with graffiti finally came down. Some of my childhood memories from summer still feel so fresh.

But then I have Lily. To have the chance to relive childhood through her precious hazel eyes is a special gift. Yes life seems to be sprinting by with her and because it is…I’m trying to soak up those simple summer moments.

simplemomentsgrassThose simple summer moments like running through the grass……in a tutu.

divaposeEven soaking up her arms crossed diva pose she started two months ago…

simpleicecream Those simple childhood moments like having your first ice cream sandwich. Found these mini ice cream sandwiches from Fat Boy at Publix. They are perfect size for a toddler. She gave the treat a poke or two to figure out if it was a yucky vegetable….


icecreamsandwhich1Once the sweet chocolate was gone it became a fun game on how to eat the ice cream middle…the no hands approach is my favorite.

icecreamsanwhiches3 Summer is short and enjoy whatever you have planned on your bucket list…just remember to soak up the simple moments.


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