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Teething is tough on the kid & the momma! Here are some great tips and products to help during the hard teething moments. Pin worth saving for desperate times!Toddlers have such a comfy life. They have their own personal assistant, chef, maid and someone even wipes their butt for them. They get to take a nap every day and if they want to take two, I’m sure their assistant (aka momma) won’t mind!

Oh how I wish that the only problems my daughter will face will be broken crayons, a rained out play date or low battery on the iPad. Sadly we know that growing up is painful. I mean we have already been to the ER THREE times in 7 ½ months!! One painful experience that all kids can’t evade is teething.

Oh it’s the pits for toddlers and their assistants mommas! Just when you think they have all their teeth, they get their second molars between 24-36 months. I just wish kids could get all their teeth at once instead of this long drawn out painful experience!

Lily has her bottom second molars breaking through and it stinks. Homegirl has a runny nose that keeps her up throughout the night with horrible coughing spells. Because she can’t communicate her pain she breaks out into tantrums…which is awwweeeesomme (said in my best DJ Lance voice).

Rounds of Tylenol to keep the pain level down, Otter Pops, applesauce pouches and lots of TLC is what Lily is receiving to help her with this round of teething. Toddlers are dealing with the pain, but it hurts the moms too. Today I am bringing you some items and tips on how we have dealt with the teething so far!

note: some of these items worked and some have not. Just giving you my opinion of what worked (and what didn’t) for us….all kids are different so try whatever will work for your kid!

Teething Toys. Sophie is the most recognized teething toy but there are plenty of items out on the market in all price ranges. There are cloth, rubber and plastic teethers. There are non-splintering wood teethers for those invested in natural & safe products. One thing that seems to help is that the toy has texture that will help when they chew on it or just rub on their sore gums.

some great teething toys PLUS plenty of other great tips and products in this post all about teething. A pin worth saving for all those desperate moments when your kid is in pain!1. Sophie – the famous giraffe is a rubber toy that your kid gnaws on. It was a waste of money for us because Lily never got into it. I would put Sophie’s foot in her mouth and she would just spit it out, as if she didn’t like the taste. Lily may not have liked it, but I have heard plenty of moms swear that it helped their kid!
2. Bright Starts teethers – we had lots of these. That way if she went through three in an hour I knew I had more in the fridge waiting while I cleaned the others! (found here)
3. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys – a fun toy that a baby or toddler would love to play with that doubles as a teether! (found here)
4. Green Sprouts organic blankie cool soothing teether – this blanket’s knots are perfect for teething! (found here)
5. Under The Nile organic teething toys – these sweet soft toys can be gnawed on or used for imagination kitchen play time. (found here)

Ointments / Gels. Some moms don’t believe in ointments, thinking they aren’t safe enough. I know that items with the benzocaine ingredient should be discussed with your doctor if you do not feel comfortable. Most products say ‘benzocaine free’ and the ointments and gels really help numb the gums.

Some great teething ointments/gels. There are some other great tips and products in this post to help with teething.1. The Baby Orajel Pain Swabs – these are great because the swabs are portable. When you need to use it you snap one end and the gel will soak through the cotton end you rub on the gums. I always had these in my diaper bag! (found here)
2. Baby Orajel Naturals – a gel that offers safe pain relief free of benzocaine, belladonna, dyes and parabens. You can apply it with your finger, but I would advice you to use a q-tip because having your child bite down on your finger is a painful!
3. Camilia – homeopathic option with no preservatives. (found here)
4. BabyGanics Say Ah teething gel single use pods. We LOVE these. Each pod comes with a q-tip that you tip into the gel and apply it to the gums. This is the one teething gel that Lily would point to and ask for! Plus the use of the q-tip allowed me to look into her mouth to see if the tooth had broke through yet. (found here)

teethingcoldpopsFrozen or Cold Food. Otter Pops have always been our go to item during teething. Lily thinks she is getting a special treat and the cold ice helps numb the gums. When my kid is going through pain, I don’t care if she has ice cream before dinner or at 9 am….if a few bites of vanilla ice cream or yogurt gives her comfort…then I’m giving it for her! To keep it healthy take the yogurt that comes in a tube and freeze it!

teethingyogurtWhile teething your child’s appetite can be low or non-existent so frozen yogurt brings me relief that she is at least getting some vitamins/calcium. Pedialyte makes frozen pops that Lily loved when she was around one. The pops are great for kids when they are sick to keep them hydrated, but they can also help while teething. You can find them at most stores and I have even used an off brand from CVS drug store. Another frozen food that helped us was frozen waffles. Yep one day I was desperate and out of Otter Pops. I gave Lily a frozen waffle and she went crazy for it. A plus was that when the waffle thawed out she ate it solving the low appetite problem too.

teethingblueberriesBaby Feeder Mesh Bags.  These bags are awesome. Place crushed ice in one of the mesh bags and let your kid gnaw on it. You can also put frozen fruit (like blue berries)….but warning the blue berries can get messy, so strip your kid down to the diaper! The mesh bag helps hold in any large chunks of food/ice to help prevent choking (it doesn’t prevent choking 10% so still keep watch!). I used the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder found at Target (click here).

Nature’s Best teething cookies. These are small sticks that your child can gnaw on and it’s safe for consumption. Unfortunately these did not work for us. The cookie seemed to fall apart and Lily almost choked on a piece.

Applesauce Pouches. At almost two years old we haven’t had liquid food pouches in the house for some time. With the lack of appetite having the chilled pouches of applesauce are great. The cold food feels good and it’s easy to eat (no chewing necessary!).

Other ideas…

Tylenol. This is a no brainer. I have given Lily Motrin as well when she has had high grade fevers. Make sure you consult with your doctor if you have questions or concerns about giving them the oral medication.

Baltic Amber Necklaces. When chewed on amber allegedly releases a natural oil that helps soothe teething pain. Unfortunately for me this didn’t help Lily. She actually got annoyed that the necklace had to stay on her neck.

Frozen Cloth. Besides having some cute monogrammed burp clothes, I relied mostly on the plain white no-fold cloth diapers for burp rags. You could buy in bulk, they were easy to clean, they are uni-sex and you can use it as a dust rag when your kid grows up! They also help during teething. Take one or more of the corners and tie a knot. Wet the knot and place the rag into a Ziploc bag and place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour. Your child will go nuts gnawing on the cold knot cloth. Don’t have these rags, just wet a wash cloth and do the same thing!

Toothbrush. Sometimes when she is in a lot of pain she doesn’t want the toothbrush anywhere near her mouth. Don’t blame her. But when she was a baby I would give her the toothbrush and she would move it around her gums and eventually start chewing on it. With the length the toothbrush can get to the sore gums in the back where some teething rings can’t reach. Make sure you keep your eye on your kid because they might shove the toothbrush too far back and gag!

For the nose, chin and bum. Sadly teething may cause your child to have explosive diapers and runny noses. Make sure you have soft Kleenex and diaper cream for a sore tush! The excessive drooling from teething can leave a child with a rash on their chin. Make sure you have a soft rag and wipe the drool as often as you can (lightly patting it). You can apply some petroleum jelly to the chin (do this before they go to sleep) to help protect the raw and irritated skin.

So hopefully one of these tips or products can help you and your wee one during teething. They will be helping me while Lily gets past these last molars…

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  1. Jo B. commented:
    June 4, 2013 Reply

    Great reviews! I have a 20 mo old that only has his top and bottom incisors so far (both sides of family get teeth late due to long roots) so we have a lot of teething to go!

    I’ve found the absolute best wipe or runny noses and drooly chins are Boogie Wipes. They’re nothing but a soft cloth with saline on it. Because the saline doesn’t irritate, my LO can go thru a week of snottiness and not even have a red nose! They come in unscented, which we use the most, menthol for colds, grape (which I find nauseating), and a fresh scent which is pretty benign. They’re about $3.99 for 30 so they’re not cheap, but we save them for when they’re really needed! Also Drugstore.com usually has them ‘buy 3 get one free’!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      June 5, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Jo! And YES you are SO right! I purchased the Boogie Wipes yesterday while I was creating this post. I left this item out since I had only used them for a few hours. BUT I used them all day today and they are fabulous! I purchased the travel size to fit in my diaper bag…and I felt better using these than the Kleenex. Her nose isn’t raw from the continuous use from them…so I’m sold! Only wish I discovered them earlier…

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