DIY Chalkboard Tags or Signs

DIYchalktagstitleThis project was so simple it’s silly. For Lily’s second birthday I wanted small chalkboard signs for the food and drink stations. I loved the way these DIY chalkboard tags or signs turned out that I found several other ways I could use them…making them a cheap, simple and re-usable object (awesome!).

DIYchalktagsJoann had the wood pieces I used for dirt cheap. The large circle wood ornaments were $.79 each and the 12 piece bag of wood tags were only $1.00! I have tons of chalk paint still left over, but I decided to pick up a can of spray paint to try it out ($7.99 at Michael’s). Since these pieces are so small using spray paint made this project even easier with little cleanup (no washing a paint brush!). Just lay out a plastic tarp or use a large trash bag and lay your wooden tags on top. Shake your chalk spray paint can hard for about a minute and then give the wood pieces a good spray. I allowed two hours for dry time before I gave it another spray and followed it up with another coat after allowing it to dry again. I LOVED using the spray chalk paint since it was quick and easy. I would suggest you use a clip on spray paint gun (super cheap) or a plastic glove. I got a little paint on my finger and when I went to clean my hands, the paint got under my nail making it super hard to get off (and dirty nails gross me out!). Using these as signs I only pained one side…so that was it. So simple it’s SILLY!

diychalksignsdrinksI used chalk pens to label the signs at Lily’s party. Chalk pens make any handwriting look 10x better….trust me…mine usually looks like chicken scratch! To hang the chalkboard sings I used twine found at Joann or Michael’s.

diychalktagskidsdrinkI wrapped a few tags around the mason jar flower vases and added a “2” for her second birthday.

diychalktagsflowersI tied a few on to her presents just for show…two year old’s can’t read and it was for my child so I know who the gift came from….I did it just to make it cuter! I really liked this idea for gifts as the chalk signs are blank and you can write anything on them…happy birthday, congrats, welcome home, Merry Christmas etc etc. Plus if you are using them for gifts for your own family you can re-use them again for another gift! AND if your gifting it to somebody they have the opportunity to re-use it! With 12 pieces for a $1.00 it’s cheap, simple and a cute add on to any gift! I think they are way cuter than those holiday stickers you fill in for Christmas presents too!

DIYchalktagscolorIn our kitchen we have a class container with our coffee grinds that has a chalkboard label painted onto the side. I used one of the tags to label the Borax in our laundry room in lieu of painting the actual container…again so simple it’s silly.

These signs can be used for anything. They can be wiped cleaned and used again. They are cheap and so easy to make. This is my kind of DIY project!!



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