Life’s Crazy Train

I’ve been MIA over the last week. Fact, this is the first time I picked up my computer in four days and 6 days since I logged into and worked on a blog post. Life’s crazy train has rolled into the Romano station and I’m hoping it starts to chug it’s way on out asap.

Beginning of last week I decided to take a evening shopping trip to Target for some “needed” items. Florida had been experiencing some thunder & lightening storms, but that’s typical for summer. About to check out an announcement is made….

“Good evening shoppers, We are under a tornado watch. Please move away from the glass doors and make your way to the middle of the store. Thank you”

Excuse me? With eyes the size of Texas I glanced over to some other shoppers and one woman said, “that is weird”, and another man said, “well this is a first”.  I immediately called Mike and asked him to turn on the news while I moved to a more central location of the store. The news confirmed to Mike that there was a tornado in my area but it was now moving towards Pinellas county (moving away). But as Mike was attempting to calm my nerves we got the same tornado announcement and direction to more to safety in the middle of the store.

tornadoIn Florida we are always given a heads up for bad weather, tropical storms and hurricane warnings. During the summer you are guaranteed to have a late afternoon storm. If I see the dark grey clouds starting to roll in, I no a storm is coming. BUT Target is supposed to be my happy place. Over the last few months some crazy toddler tantrums led me to cut back on Target trips….but getting that kind of announcement with my kid with me….I was a nervous wreck.

When we finally made our way out the tornado had deteriorated and only crazy storm clouds remained. When I got home I saw all of these pictures of what was a water spout that made landfall causing the scary announcement.

Two days later (while Mike is away for work) a toilet started to leak. Awesome.

Then Lily wakes up crying out in pain…found out she got swimmer’s ear. Awesome.

Then our kitchen sink starts leaking and our garbage disposal needed to be re-placed. Awesome.

And I have been in bed since Friday sick as a dog. Awesome.

So it’s about time that the crazy train leave my house….be gone train. Hasta la vista.

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  1. Jenn commented:
    August 18, 2013 Reply

    Wow, I remember seeing all those pictures in my newsfeed. I lived in Pasco (Lutz) but we are now in TX. Paul Dellegato had some great pics submitted to him, as well. Though I wonder who would want to snap a pic instead of make sure they are in a safe place? LOL

  2. Teigan lauber commented:
    November 10, 2014 Reply

    Omg that’s really scary because i am not a torando person so that will be really scary so let’s hope that tornado does not happen because my family and me are going to florida for disney land

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