BIG News & My M.I.A. Explanation

Hi my name is Amy, nice to meet you!

It has been weeks since my last post because I have been sick as a dog….Because

WE ARE EXPECTING! Yep there’s a bun in oven.

onlychildAt 9 weeks I decided to go ahead and let the news go public for a few reasons. 1) I have felt horrible neglecting the blog and not letting ya’ll know the real reason why. 2) The nausea has been unbearable and maybe going public with tips & stories can help other preggos out there. 3) I recently found out some news that put me on bed rest and scared the beejeezus out of me, and again maybe sharing could help someone out there who might be experiencing it too.

So when did I find out? Really early, just like with Lily. Two days prior to my period I started to cramp really bad and figured that this month just wasn’t the month. The next day I woke up bleeding which only confirmed that mother nature would be paying a visit. The next day however there was no blood. I had one pregnancy test at home and I decided to try. It was the old school plus or minus kind and the result showed a negative, but to me the line was so faint that I wanted a second test. I ran to CVS and picked up the digital kind, so there would be no guessing if the line was a + or -. Of course the result was a picture of the stick, which meant there was an issue.  Using the last digital test, I saw ‘pregnant’.

firstpregnancytestI walked out of our room and Mike just knew from my face (I’m pretty horrible at hiding my emotions from him)…and he just said…”really? No way.”  I had plans that evening to help my dear friend Emily Ley unpack tons of her Simplified Planners. Knowing that my girlfriends would be drinking vino I wanted to confirm that the last test was real due to the others being bunk. Another digital test confirmed that we were pregnant.

preggotestsI was three weeks when I found out and just three days later the fabulous morning sickness appeared. I have been sick everyday since then…that’s FIVE weeks of nausea folks. Looking over my pregnancy posts with Lily I was sick with her, but it didn’t last this long, and it was not this severe.

{and can we just stop for a second and wonder who in the hell labeled this as morning sickness? It is ALL DAY ALL NIGHT sickness. Must have been a man that came up with the term!}

My days have been spent on the couch or in bed in a fetal position. Some days I can’t even nap because I’m so sick, so I just curl in a ball and concentrate on breathing. The best description of morning sickness is just imagine the worst hangover. With this pregnancy, multiply that hangover by ten. The nausea has been so bad that I can’t even concentrate on reading, so no books, magazines, blogs or even typing potential posts for Lily & Bliss. Sometimes just scrolling through Instagram on my phone has been too much. Strange I know, but now you know why I have been MI.A. over the last few weeks.

I am currently on my third nausea prescription and it has wiped me out, which is a good thing because I need the rest. But a side effect is that you get drowsy and can have blurred vision, making operating a car unsafe. Right now I can take it because my mom is actually staying with us to help out (God do I love her).

You see last Friday I had bleeding. Spotting can be normal, but my bleeding was clotting with some cramping. It stopped after an hour and I decided to make my way to playgroup. I needed to get out of the house, Lily needed to get her energy out, and being around my girlfriends was just what I needed. Plus I could show up in my pajamas and zit cream and these ladies would still love me and would never judge. An hour or so into playgroup I went to the bathroom and the clotting appeared again. I called my OB and left a message for the triage nurse and went outside. There was no hiding my fears and my friends knew something was up…and tears started to swell. My girlfriend Elisa encouraged me to call again and get a nurse on the phone. After placed on hold for what seemed to be years, a nurse confirmed that the clotting wasn’t normal and she squeezed me into the ultrasound appointments later that day.

I lost it. I was a crying mess. I was so worried, adrenaline kicked in and my hands started shaking. Having some time before the appointment I decided to stay at playgroup, calm down and let Lily continue to play (aka destroy Rachel’s gorgeous new home). It was the best decision, because my girlfriends were just what I needed. And I have been blessed with the best girlfriends ever. My dear friend Emily Ley followed me home so she could help Lily with lunch and put her down for a nap so Mike and I could go to the appointment. Thank you friend!

The moment I saw the little baby my heart exploded. Then I heard the heartbeat and I lost it. Again. The technician moved over and a distinctive mass was present and she said that was where I was bleeding. There was no reason why this was happening, it just was. I’m high risk for miscarriage now and placed on light bed rest with orders to not lift anything, especially by 29 pound toddler. (read more about pregnancy with a hematoma here)

On Tuesday I went to the doctor and they measured the “hematoma” and thank goodness it has gone down in size! My mom has been an angel. Having her here has meant the world to me, thank God she lives so close! Some other angels are those sweet girlfriends of mine who put together a meal train for us this past week…THANK YOU ladies xoxo.

So the cat is out of the bag. They say that you should wait until 12 or 13 weeks before you share the news. Since the last few weeks have been so tough and with the recent bleeding scare, I thought I would go ahead and share just in case there are other women out there that can relate. Knowing what caused the bleeding has brought some relief, but the not knowing if I will miscarry weighs heavy on my mind. It’s in God’s hands and all I can do is hope and pray.

I hope you all understand why I have been M.I.A. and please excuse me if my posts are scattered here and there, just know that the nausea has probably knocked me out and I’m most likely in a fetal position. Good thing for you readers…this pregnancy will certainly bring some hilarious posts in the future!

Meet Baby #2!


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  1. Nancy H commented:
    August 4, 2013 Reply

    I’m so happy for you, Mike and Lily!!! While I have
    no advice, never been pregnant, I do have the time
    to keep you all in my prayers. What a blessing this
    baby is. Hugs from afar.

  2. kelsey commented:
    August 4, 2013 Reply

    I love you Amy and can certainly appreciate your candor and open honesty. You have so much support from us for anything at all you, Mike and/or Lily may need. (In fact, while I was meal planning -second week in a row, whoop!- Rob asked what we were taking you this week. He was all set to make you something… so keep that in mind friend.)

    And we are sooo far beyond HAPPY HAPPY for this y’all! And that little peanut photo up there… just beautiful. Hugs & Kisses and Resting Wishes to you!!! XOXOXO

  3. Lesly commented:
    August 5, 2013 Reply

    So happy for you! Congratulations!

  4. Lisa commented:
    August 5, 2013 Reply

    Oh Amy – does this hit close to home!! I shouldn’t have read it in line at the burrito place because the nice boy behind the counter didn’t know what to do with a teary eyed woman trying to order!! We are currently recovering from a second miscarriage and I can’t seem to shake it this time around – even with my sweet baby Grace to distract me this time around! My whole, whole heart will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you. Stay strong lady!!

  5. Elizabeth commented:
    August 5, 2013 Reply

    Congrats, Amy! I was so happy reading your post especially the anticipation of seeing ‘pregnant’ on that stick. I know what that feels like to wait. Your mom sounds wonderful. Take it easy!

  6. Linda Young commented:
    August 5, 2013 Reply

    Congratulations Amy & Mike! I’m so sorry you are so sick with your new little one. Hopefully the sickness will stop after the first trimester. Keep us informed! Love you… Aunt Linda

  7. Sarita commented:
    August 5, 2013 Reply

    Hey! So weird, but I had a feeling a new hot crossed bun was probably what was keeping you away from the blog. I’m so sorry it’s been a very rough first trimester, though. Stay in bed and do whatever the docs say! XOXO from Denmark

  8. August 14, 2013 Reply

    Congratulations, Amy!!! So happy for you. I hope you’re feeling better very very soon… xoxoxo

  9. Kristina commented:
    February 13, 2014 Reply

    Hey you!
    Just reading your past blog posts and this EXACT thing happened when I was pregnant with my son! I thought 100% I had a miscarriage but in reality it was a “subchorionic hemmorage” that I guess is common? Anyway, he arrived five weeks early but in perfect health so he’s living proof that everything will be just fine! I was on bed rest for six weeks though YUCK! Can’t wait to see your baby girl! Xo and congratulations!

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