Baby #2 Is A…

genderrevealIf the picture above didn’t give away our big news then here it is….Lily is going to have a SISTER!

Mike will be living in a home filled to the brim of estrogen. I might be biased, but he is the best girl dad. He is the perfect companion when Lily plays with her dolls, he instigates routine dance parties every night (where he attempts to twirl like a ballerina) and he clips Lily’s bows in his hair just to make her smile (and often forgets about them for hours….of course I never remind him).

genderreveal1We are both excited and Mike’s wallet might have squealed yippee the loudest. I melted a few credit cards shopping for Lily before she was even born. This babe has a full wardrobe and she is only 18 weeks old today. Lily grew so quickly that she outgrew a lot of really cute outfits (some she never even wore!). So I’m thrilled to take out all the saved clothes and get a chance to see baby #2 wear some of my favorite outfits.

I’m still feeling the glorious morning sickness…but I’m happy to report it only hits in the afternoons and evenings. Usually I save Lily’s naptime and bedtime for my “blogging” time, but since morning sickness falls during that time I’ve obviously still slacked at regular posting….and I thank you for being understanding!!

Since announcing baby #2’s sex, I can share that I purchased the at home gender prediction kit by IntelliGender (found at drugstores near pregnancy tests). I didn’t take this with Lily so I was interested in what the results would say. The kit comes with a cup filled with crystals that you pee into in the morning. After waiting for five minutes the test will reveal the sex of your baby depending on what color your pee turns. As you can tell it said we were having a boy.

genderreveal3When I saw the results, I didn’t really believe them because I had a gut feeling we were going to be cheering team pink again. The test says you can find out as early as 10 weeks and we used it at 11 weeks. After taking it, I went online to read reviews and Mike and I laughed when a majority of comment threads showed that the test had been wrong for so many. If you are thinking of buying it….I say save your money (it’s around $40) or go ahead and buy it, but be warned do not use this test as an actual confirmation!!

So a big YAY for team pink!! Mike and I have started making lists of potential names. I thought picking a name for Lily was difficult, it’s even more challenging for this baby! We have to start from scratch because I don’t want to use any of the names we had on the list while searching for Lily’s name. So once a name is chosen of course we will share, because this momma will have the itch to start monogramming!!


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  1. shauna anderson commented:
    October 7, 2013 Reply

    Can’t wait for baby #2!!!

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