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Only 16 more weeks until we meet baby number two. I’ve said it more than once, but I can’t thank you all enough for continuing to be supportive readers with my absence.

At 24 weeks preggo I wish I could say I have finally passed the “morning sickness”…but it seems to have swung back through my doors with full force yet again. Around 18-19 weeks I started to get more breaks in the day and it seemed that the nausea was slowly starting to tapper off. It would only hit in the afternoons and the evenings…then only in the evenings. It was horrible, but I was more than grateful that I at least had half of the day to be a loving mom and supportive wife before I made my way back to the couch or bed at night.

Last week the nausea started to seep back into my mornings and by the time the weekend rolled around it seemed I was back to all day nausea. Conveniently this tide swept back in during a small getaway Mike and I had to Arizona for a trip he won at work. On the night of the big dinner for all the reps, I was holed up back in the room, in a fetal position and hoping my Phenergan kicked in soon. Since then I’ve been sick everyday and all day. Glass half full….the nausea is low enough in the mornings that I can at least run errands and get “stuff” done before I’m miserable come lunch time.

I would love for this second trimester energy to kick in. I’m pretty wiped out all day. Sticking to my guns I still go to the gym Monday and Wednesday mornings to work out with my trainer. I’m hell bent on keeping this pregnancy in check. The only kicker is that those workouts take any piece of energy I have and toss it to the wind. I’m pretty much good for nothing the rest of the day.

firstdayofschoolSo besides the obvious continuing battle with morning sickness I made a HUGE leap with Lily a few weeks ago. This stay-at-home-mom signed up her first kid for a “moms morning out” program at a nearby preschool. Yep the woman who feared leaving her kid for the first time only a few months ago has gathered the courage to drop off her kid with practically strangers for a few hours twice a week. And you know what….it was the BEST decision! Yes I get three hours to do whatever I want twice a week. But of course I have spent it catching up on laundry and curling up on the couch with nausea, my crappy side kick.

As much as we get a chance to see Lily’s buddies or meet new friends for brief park outings, I wanted to put Lily in an environment where she could learn to develop even more. No I don’t have flash cards already, and I’m not pushing her to learn a second language…she’s only 2 ½ years old. I only wanted to put Lily in a social setting where she could develop more. Learn to share, get along, take turns…blah blah blah. I had planned to enroll her in the spring semester so I would have those two mornings to spend with the baby come March. When I found out there was an opening at the preschool I really wanted her to go I jumped on it. Having her enrolled in this program gives us first dibs on open spots in the preschool next year.

firstdayI was so nervous the first day of drop off. I had flashbacks of the preschool I attended and my two teachers that I recall not having fuzzy feelings for. I remember having a bit too much energy and feeling like they were exasperated with me, even being scolded once. Crap feelings for a toddler to soak in right? So besides the nerves of actually leaving my child, I was nervous that the kids wouldn’t be friendly, or that my kid might not be the friendly one, that she would be scared, hate it and most importantly not feel cared for by her teachers like I did. When I dropped her off she couldn’t have even cared that her father and I were walking away. Which is exactly what I had hoped for, but it was bittersweet. I almost wanted her to miss me. Three hours later when I arrived to pick her up I was flooded with emotion when Lily rushed to me yelling my name…half happy/ half upset. My eyes watered and I kept it together until I got to the car and called Mike.

For the first week Lily had no problems. The second week blindsided me when Lily sobbed when I dropped her off. Oh my heart broke. I quickly exited so I didn’t draw out the pain. Walking away from your kid when they want you is one of the hardest things to do. I come early for pick up because Lily has a hard time watching all the other moms picking up their kids, and she gets scared. So until she is completely at ease I don’t mind coming early. The other issue she’s had is with allowing her two teachers to change her diapers. We couldn’t figure it out until this weekend when she said “gloves” when I was trying to talk to her about it. We discovered the she was freaked out over the gloves they wear for sanitary reasons. Other than the diaper changes and the tears during drop off/pick up, we are so happy with the school. The teachers are nothing compared to the ones I had. They are sweet and loving towards all the kids and Lily talks about Miss Emma & Miss Dana all day everyday!

Besides tacking this blog during nap time and brief windows in the nausea I have started prepping the nursery and started the transition of Lily’s nursery to a big girl’s room. More on the transformation coming this week!

Again thanks y’all for sticking around while this pregnancy kicks my behind. I have had some sweet calls/emails/texts from family, friends and a few readers to check on me due to the lack of posts! Thanks for making me feel loved and supported! Thank goodness I have the greatest husband ever and a mom with a heart the size of Texas to help me out as well…

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  1. Elizabeth commented:
    November 27, 2013 Reply

    I’ve been thinking about you. Geez, I’m so sorry to hear about all your sickness. Maybe that means you’ll have it easy when baby #2 arrives……she’ll smile constantly and sleep all night long 🙂 Hang in there, mama!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      December 3, 2013 Reply

      HA I’m so hoping for that!!!! I’m actually looking forward to the sleep deprivation over this constant sickness!

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