Dressing The Bump

dressingthebumpTruth…I HATE maternity clothes. Probably because my body totally morphs while pregnant and I don’t feel comfortable in anything. Yes while pregnant with Lily I gained an asinine amount of weight causing me to feel and look like Free Willy. I have kept myself in check with this pregnancy, however as I mentioned my body morphs while there’s a bun in my oven. My hips expand causing me to look and feel like I’ve gained more weight than the scale suggests. My boobs inflate so much I rival Dolly Parton, and any toned muscle becomes too relaxed and flabby.

Combine my lack of appreciation for my pregnant body with the fact that 90% of the time I can’t find anything that makes me feel cute….you can see why I just hate maternity clothes period!

Don’t get me wrong there are some really cute options out there…I’m just self-conscious in everything I put on! So to make shopping a little easy on all you soon-to-bes I have compiled a list of companies and websites that sell maternity wear! I’m sure there are plenty of other sites that won’t make it on the list, so please leave a comment and share places you shop with other readers!



Old Navy

J Crew


A Pea in The Pod


Destination Maternity


Rosie Pope





Belly Dance Maternity

Top Shop



Isabella Oliver

Ingrid & Isabel

Don’t forget eBay & Amazon too!

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