Surviving The Second Trimester

A GREAT read about surviving the second trimester! Tips/advice and a free printable list on items needed when registering for the baby! Pin to save! When you hit the second trimester, most moms-to-be are thrilled. Excited because for most women the morning sickness starts to disappear when you cross over to the second trimester. I say most because sadly I wasn’t one of those lucky ducks (with this pregnancy)!

Along with loosing the nausea, most women will feel their energy levels bounce back…making them feel more like themselves. Sadly (again), with this pregnancy my energy levels remained low during the second trimester. This proves that all pregnancies are different. So while I still battled the nausea & low energy levels I still have some tips and thoughts on how to survive the second trimester!

Head back to read my thoughts & tips on surviving the first trimester, as I might discuss things that you are just experiencing in the second trimester! (click HERE)

The second trimester is the part of your pregnancy where you will finally get proof that you are indeed growing a baby in that belly…Baby kicks and the bump appears! When you finally realize that those flutters are the baby it makes all the crappy pregnancy side affects worth it! It’s even better when the dad-to-be finally gets to feel the little one kick.

Speaking of bumps….yours will appear this trimester. You will finally exit that annoying stage where you know your pregnant, but a complete stranger might think you just love Duncan Donuts a tad too much! Need help finding clothes to dress the bump?? I did a whole post on stores and online resources for maternity wear- read HERE.

Blue or Pink. Besides losing the nausea and feeling your baby kick this trimester brings the big gender reveal! Most women will find out around week 20 if you will cheer for team pink or team blue. However, you can find out earlier if you have earlier sonograms ordered from your OB regarding other health issues. If your OB or insurance won’t allow an earlier ultrasound so you can find out the sex there are third party companies that offer this. Just do some Google searches for companies that offer 3D/4D ultrasound testing in your area, but know that these can be expensive. So if you want to save on $ and are willing to wait just have it done at your OB’s office where insurance will cover it! Also I bought one of those at home gender reveal tests and personally think it was a waste of money…read about that here!

Sleep pillows. Sleeping can be a source of irritation for a lot of moms-to-be. Some fight insomnia (I did with Lily!) or some just can’t get comfortable. This is the time where you might look into pregnancy pillows to help give your growing body the right support to help catch some Zs. When I was pregnant with Lily I purchased an actual pregnancy pillow that was huge and shaped like a giant candy cane that I could rest my head on while wrapping a leg around the long body portion, giving the belly support. Well I HATED it! I thought the pillow itself was way too hard. Also when I needed to shift to my other side I felt like it was a big ordeal since I had to flip the entire pillow to get the same support. Not the kind of work you want to be doing throughout the night! Plus those pillows are expensive $$$$$! With this pregnancy I kept it simple and picked up a plain body pillow by Laura Ashley from Bed Bath & Beyond that was around $20 and I used a 20% off coupon…score. The body pillow is softer that my previous one and its much easier to hold onto while I flip to either side during the night. Now some women love pregnancy pillows, but I think that they are a waste of money and don’t provide the support I personally need to get a comfortable nights sleep.

Potty Time. If you didn’t build a close relationship with your toilet due to morning sickness, then you will certainly become closer during this period. As the baby grows and becomes more active your bladder will become your kid’s pillow and sometimes punching bag…leading you to run to the nearest toilet. Before you leave to run any kind of errand I highly suggest you attempt to pee before you leave to be on the safe side. Sometimes all it takes is a simple roll or kick to lead to the urge to pee….and that even means after you just went. Yep….sometimes you will pee, stand up and the baby will move making you feel like you still have to go. Funny thing is that sometimes you will have a huge urge to pee and you will literally only pee two drops. The urges will come throughout the night so be prepared to visit the toilet in the middle of your precious sleep. Tip: Make sure you have extra t.p. by the toilet in case you run out & make sure you clear the pathway to the toilet. I have learned my lesson with the later way too many times. Tripping over shoes and bumping my shoulder into Mike’s open closet door at 3 am is no fun.

Picking A Name. Choosing a name for your kid can either be super easy or incredibly hard. Easy for those that already have a family name they know they will pass down or a chosen name that they have always knew they would use. For me choosing a name was hard. Mike and I struggled for a while picking Lily and we are still laboring over a name for this baby. Choosing a name can be a lot of pressure because it’s not some simple name for a goldfish or pet…you are naming an actual soon-to-be human. This name will be called out in school and used on resumes. My advice on the name picking is to at least wait until you know the gender to start researching names. It can become to overwhelming going over both boy & girl names….plus you don’t want to fall in love with the name Mathew and discover your having a girl (but FYI I’m a huge fan of boy names for girls!). Something else that can be difficult is the advice and opinions of others when you share prospective baby names. This is a great lesson to learn now because once you have your baby advice and opinions on practically everything will come even when unsolicited. So ask advice or share your prospective names if you want, just be prepared if friends & family don’t share your excitement over your picks! I know this from experience because I have my heart set on a particular name now that can also be used for a boy, and some family members forget their filters and express more than a total dislike towards said name…something that can be hurtful to a hormonal pregnant woman! So until Mike and I know for sure we are keeping our choices to ourselves this time around.

Registering. Most people like to wait until the safety of the second trimester to register for baby items. For those parents that will be finding out the gender, I would wait until you know the sex until you register for those pink or blue swaddle blankets! Registering for your baby can be daunting, especially for first time moms that have no clue what kind of bottles to buy or which car seat has the best safety rating. My biggest advice is to do some research before you head to register. Yes stores will have some helpful lists as to what items you may need, but unless you do some research before it will be overwhelming reading over all the different brands and their features on products like bottles, diapers, strollers, car seats, pack-in-plays, baby monitors ect. ect….

To give moms-to-be an extra leg up I created a printable checklist of baby items that you can download and use when registering (read that post HERE). My tip would be to print of the list and then use it while doing some online research on items before heading to the store. Another tip, register at more than one store. Yes Babies-R-Us and Buy Buy Baby are usually the main stores moms will register at. However, sometimes those stores might not have a particular item or brand that you want. For example Target was the only place that carried the kind of pacifier that Lily liked and that I approved of.  If you are a second or third time momma and don’t feel comfortable with receiving another baby shower, still register! Remember when you register you will start to receive coupons from the stores that you will benefit from in the future! Plus some stores give you a BIG discount towards leftover items on your register after your baby’s due date for a said period of time. I believe places like Pottery Barn Kids gives you a discount of anywhere from 15-20% off any item on your register 30 days after your due date. For the printable checklists click HERE for page 1 and click HERE for page 2.

Nursery. One thing that can help time pass is planning out the nursery! This is something that for most will wait until you find out the gender. Until you find out the gender you can still do a little planning as far as the nursery layout! For all you Pinterest lovers set up a nursery category and start pinning away ideas to help you brainstorm! You can also head to websites like Pottery Barn Kids or Restoration Hardware Baby & Child for ideas as well!

R & R. My biggest tip or advice to surviving the second trimester (& the third) is making sure you spend time on yourself with a little R&R. The second trimester brings the opportunity to finally get a massage to help with that sore body. Most establishments will not give you a massage until you are at least 12 to 13 weeks along for the safety of not having a miscarriage. Your body goes through the most dramatic changes during the second trimester that can leave you tired, sore and just plain uncomfortable. Take the time now to relax because who knows what your time will be like with round the clock care of your new baby! One thing that most pregnant women can experience is swelling in the feet and ankles. One thing I splurge on is paying a little extra when I get a pedicure for a longer foot massage. Ask your nail salon if they offer that, most are willing to rub those tired feet a little longer for some $! For an additional 10 minutes I shell out $10…to me it is money well spent!

2ndtrimestercomfort For my comfort items this trimester make sure you look at the ones from the first trimester because I still use all those things! But for the second trimester and with a growing belly I fell in love with a cotton maxi dress from Old Navy that a sweet friend gave me. The dress is soft, stretchy in all the right places and actually really flattering! Plus the price is easy on the wallet!

I have continued working out during this pregnancy to keep from ballooning and I fell in love with Gap’s maternity Gapfit racerback tank.  It is super comfy and goes well with the belly! To make sure I watch my heart level and keep track of calories burned I have become obsessed with my Polar women’s heart rate monitor. It is $89, but to me it is worth every penny because not only do I use it now, I will continue to use it after the baby is born to help shed the lbs! The watch is really light and the elastic heart transmitter strap is comfortable and can adjust to your growing size to continue to make it comfortable!

Even though this is my second pregnancy, I leaned on my baby checklist to help prep all the items to stock the new nursery. Read above for the link to the post and the two links to print the FREE checklist!

To help look for baby names Mike and I purchased 100,00 + baby names book. Not only does this book have give you 100,000 names, there are tons of lists based on trends, ethnicities, movies, famous books on even wacky names that celebs have used! There are also plenty of online resources, just Google baby names and choose from all the sites that appear!

One of my all time favorite books to read while pregnant is Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs. This book will leave you laughing in tears over all the stories from her pregnancy & her birth. This is a great book to read during any trimester, but I found that I related to it later on during the second trimester as I experienced almost all of the symptoms and shared similar hilarious stories that she shares.

Since I value my sleep, my body pillow is one of my most important comfort items during this trimester! Read above for a link to the one I purchased.

Please note that these are just some of the symptoms you can experience, not all of them! Since I’m not an expert or OB please check with your doctor for any concerns you may have. Read all about surviving the third trimester that has a free printable checklist to prep you for the hospital! 


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