Welcome to The World Sweet Chloe!

After 9 months of pure nausea hell, our little family of three finally welcomed our new addition on March 1st!

With a big smile and full heart let me introduce you to Chloe Elizabeth born at 7:11 pm on March 1st weighing in at 7.5 pounds and measuring 20 ¼ inches long.

chloefirst In the days leading up to the birth reality of having another child hit me hard and I began to worry about a slew of issues. How was I going to be able to handle a newborn and a toddler who is neck deep in the terrible twos? How am I going to function on zero sleep this time with an extra toddler? How and when will I get my errands done? But the one thought that was really bothering me was how to give both girls the same amount of love and affection. Will Lily feel rejected? Will I love this next child as much as my first baby?

I only have the answer to the last question so far…and yes my heart somehow grew even larger on the first of March. I don’t know how I could doubt that I could love another child any less. That moment Chloe’s tiny body was placed on my chest everything seemed right in the world. The nine months of nausea was worth every second. The excruciating labor I had just went through completely forgotten.

So while I figure out the answers to my other questions and figure out how to navigate this new chapter of motherhood I can at least share Chloe’s birth story…and oh what a story it is!

On the Tuesday before I started having contractions and after tracking them for an hour I called my OB because they lasted a minute long and came every five minutes. When we checked into the triage part of the hospital to be monitored the contractions were intense…but after five hours they just stopped. Whomp whomp. The disappointment of going through that pain and then not be in actual labor made me depressed! So over the next three days I continued having contractions here and there but nothing as intense and they were too sporadic to even call my OB to be checked out.

On Saturday the first we woke up and ran to the grocery store to stalk up for the weekend and went on a family walk around the neighborhood. After lunch the back labor started back up and I went to go lay down while Mike watched Lily. Contractions started up again and progressed from every 15 minutes to every 10 minutes until they were attacking every 5 minutes again. I took out my phone and began to track them at 2:47 pm. While the contractions were coming on I was getting freaked because I didn’t want to go through this pain and be turned away from the hospital again! Since Lily was induced I experienced labor pains only that day and I got a baby after 11 hours. Having painful contractions and then being told I have to go home and wait it out was such a downer.

chloemeAfter experiencing the Tuesday contractions I knew that Saturday was a whole new ball game after 30 minutes when they started to speed up and get even more severe. Now OBs expect you to track and call after an hour of contractions. Forty minutes into tracking Mike even convinced me to go ahead and call the doctor. Mike meanwhile was contacting my mom (who was getting her hair done) and told her she needed to hurry up and get over to the house to watch Lily because we needed to rush to the hospital. Lily was still napping so Mike was running around and putting our bags in his car while I braced myself over the kitchen counter while wave after wave of wicked contractions pounded. Right before my mom got to the house poor Lily woke up and found me in tears and started to get scared. I could barely talk while I was breathing through the pain so Mike had to tell her I had a bellyache.

Once my mom got there we got in the car and that is when I literally felt like I was in hell. The contractions were so painful that I was screaming and moaning so load I’m pretty sure every car on the road could hear. Any tv show/movie that has ever shown a woman in labor rushing to the hospital had nothing on what could have been filmed in our car. Screams, moans, cuss words and the worst case of backseat driving took place. It was not my finest moment, but what do you expect when your who-ha is trying to stretch to accommodate a watermelon trying to exit your body? In between contractions I would yell at Mike to go faster or switch lanes to get around the slow driver…and for some odd reason all of Tampa’s slowest drivers seemed to be out that day and driving the same route!

Mike dropped me off at the front while he rushed to park. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t even walk forward. I was curled over just sobbing and bless these women who were outside waiting for pickup because the one woman who had just given birth gave up her wheelchair for me. Her friend/sister/aunt or mother then started to push me inside all the while trying to calm me down with sweet words. The woman must have been panicked because as she was rushing me inside she rammed the wheel chair into the sliding exit doors. If that didn’t cause everyone in the waiting room to turn to look it was my sobbing and painful cries that had every single person staring at me. Thank goodness I had my shades on because I just continued to sob while clutching my stomach. I was a real hot mess folks!

A lady from triage rushed out at the same time Mike was running in with my bag and that’s when everything just seemed to blur. When I was wheeled into triage and two nurses started to help me up, but when they found out this was my second kid more nurses started to approach to help. Contractions started to hit me and I couldn’t move so the nurses started to strip me right there. I was in so much pain I could have cared less that I was getting naked in front of five women. Somehow they got me on the bed and a nurse was checking me. Then I heard “She’s at 7” and the side rails on the bed were thrown up and the nurses started to rush me down the hall to labor and delivery. Mind you I was at 3 cm four days ago…yep I went from a 3 to a 7 in that car ride from hell! Wheeled into a room I had a flurry of nurses around all prepping the room and myself for labor. I didn’t even feel the IV being put in my hand and all I kept yelling was “Drugs please I need drugs.”  At least I was polite enough to say please.

chloemikeWe got to the hospital at 4:30 pm and I was getting my epidural by 5:15pm. I don’t know how women labor without drugs. Kudos to them, but that is not me! When those nurses said I was a 7 absolute fear set in that I might be too late to get the epidural. After the epidural it was like night and day. I could still feel the contractions but the pain was manageable. But with the epidural my contractions started to slow down. When my doctor made it to the hospital they decided to give me some pitocin and break my water. While they were setting up that medication I started to get a bit sleepy and the anesthesiologists walked back into the room and started asking me questions. Seems my heart rate was slowing down and they made the decision to tone the epidural meds down. This same thing happened with Lily’s birth as well. Sometime around 6:15 pm I started to tell my head nurse that the pain was coming back and I needed to up the epidural meds up because there was no way I wanted to feel the labor.

With Lily once my epidural kicked in I felt nothing. This time I was not so lucky. After a check and finding out I was at a 9 my nurse propped one hip on my side to force Chloe down more and that is when the most intense pressure and pain started to kick in. I started the moaning and screaming again and begging for more pain meds. My nurse asked Mike to press the call button and when she demanded for some help and for my doctor to be paged I knew I was out of luck with the meds. Before I knew it my nurse was propping my legs in stirrups and staying stationary at the foot of the bed with her hands blocking my who-ha. My doc rushed in and told her to stay where she was while she got prepped…I later realized that was because Chloe was already crowning and they didn’t want her to pop out! Lights were being flicked on, new nurses where rushing around setting up the baby warmer and other labor tools.  All of a sudden I had a nurse by my bed and in a calm but very assertive tone she told me to keep my eyes on her and to concentrate on my breathing. I remember her telling me not to scream and just breath, which I thought was annoying and silly because I could feel a watermelon sized object making its way out and the epidural was not helping. Later I realized that of course she was a saint and truly helping me concentrate on the task and not the pain. When the doctor took over and told me to start pushing things just flew by. I pushed four times and Chloe made her entrance into the world.

People are not joking when they say that the second kid comes faster. It took me two hours to push Lily out after 11 hours of labor. From the start of contractions at home to Chloe’s birth it was less than five hours. My doctor and nurse told us that if we had stayed at home and waited the full hour prior to calling there was a huge chance I would have given birth in the car since the epidural helped slow down the contractions. I get goosebumps even thinking that that could have been a possibility! If the birth sounded crazy, the first week at home was just as eventful and full of cray cray. Lily and Chloe both visited the pediatrician twice and I even had to go back to the OB within the first few days back home…more on that coming soon!


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  1. Courtney commented:
    March 21, 2014 Reply

    Oh. My. Word. You poor thing! Thank the Lord she wasn’t born in the car!! She is absolutely beautiful & you’re a champ! Congrats on your new darling!

    • Amy Romano commented:
      March 30, 2014 Reply

      Oh Thanks Courtney!!!! It was crazy, but at least I can laugh about it now:)

  2. Elizabeth commented:
    March 26, 2014 Reply

    Bless your heart! My second labor was so much easier. I think I was more relaxed. I had such a fear of not getting meds and people just love to tell horror stories. I love the epidural, too! I can’t imagine not having one. congrats. She is absolutely perfect.

    • Amy Romano commented:
      March 30, 2014 Reply

      Thanks Elizabeth!!! Yep not getting that epidural was my absolute fear, that with giving birth on the side of the road:)

  3. Andrea commented:
    March 27, 2014 Reply

    I had the same thing with my second birth. It was fast (just over 2 hours from start to finish), intense, scary as hell, and extremely painful. I sooo wanted that epidural. I can’t saying “I can’t do this. I can’t do this.” But by the time I got to the hospital I was already an 8 and progressing fast and they couldn’t get me that epidural in time. The first words out of my mouth after giving birth were “I NeVER want to do that again.” Not quite the words of love that most people express after giving birth. It will be a long time before I am ready to have another kid. And when I do, I am going to live at the hospital.

    • Amy Romano commented:
      March 30, 2014 Reply

      Oh Andrea sorry you had to experience the same thing! I’m glad this wasn’t the experience for my first. I was telling my husband and the nurses the same thing “This is THE LAST time!” Now four weeks out & I have already forgotten hoe truly bad it was!

  4. Stephanie commented:
    March 27, 2014 Reply

    Hey Amy! Sorry I couldn’t chat today; I felt so rude as I walked away. Trying to get/keep Tessa asleep seems to be my daily mission! Chloe Elizabeth looks so adorable (Elizabeth is Tessa’s middle name as well!!). I would love to come see her in person. 😉 My phone number is 850-830-0083. Text me when ever you get a chance!

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